Player Scripts Disappering?

Hey there, so lately I was making a script for my egg system. (works ONLY IN STUDIO). Sound confusing right? So idk whats going on but, when I published the game. Went on a server and saw that many people are having problem opening eggs, and more. So I wanted to disabled and enable the script. When I did that. IT says “player scripts Not found in player.” I am so confused! Help me

You are using the server console. PlayerScripts is created on the client only.

Are you using server scripts inside of the player?

but then y am a getting alot of ppl saying that they cant open egg? The script is under Player Script

No I am not I am using a local script

I am saying that the PlayerScripts folder does not exist to the server because the PlayerScripts folder is created on the client. If your local script has this issue try Instance::WaitForChild. But the server cannot see it so don’t try accessing it from there

I see. But can u help me out? How do I disable and enable player scripts?

You don’t.

You should be involving RemoteEvents in your network at some point of the process if the server needs to communicate something and a LocalScript can receive that data to modify Guis or do things from PlayerScripts. Don’t do it from the server.

Do you run it in Player.PlayerScripts? The console screenshot from your original post tells that you searched through the PlayerGui. Otherwise, remember that the player does not keep descendants of PlayerGui (for example) when respawning, as it will get a new copy of the descendants of game.StarterGui.