Player sticking to a moving part unintentionally

so ill be short and sweet with this one, I want a players ragdoll to base on velocity difference and it works as intended, if a player gets hit by a car they fall over, if they stand on a moving car and it all of a sudden stops they keep moving. but the issue im facing is that for some reason the player sometimes gets welded to the moving object and its as if they cant get knocked off of it.

This is everything working as intended:

And this is what it does most of the time now:

This happens on an occasional basis but after a recent roblox update it seems to have just been constant, if I could get any type of response I would be extremely grateful.


What are you using for the car’s movement?

the cars movement is using only Cylindrical constraints and hasn’t changed between the 2 videos

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I should add that im giving networkOwnership to the driver

Could you send your code?

[dont mind this]

sure, for the car movement its just this:

and for the players ragdolling its this:

Points is the amount of damage the player should take