Player tools displayed globally

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    I’m making a 4 player horror game and its based on a irl location, I’ve made keys that open specific doors and doors that open without keys. I would like to display which player has what tool on a gui that’s visible to everyone.

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    I’m not sure where to start on that and I have not found any other videos or solutions related to my idea

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    I’m so burnt out after making the map, AI, Sounds and doors that my brain cannot do anymore.

I’m planning on making the game highly interactive. that means collectable tools, proxy prompts and more. The more I think about this I realize that players could be looking for a tool that has already been collected by another player. I’d like to conquer this issue with you’re help and make a gui script that actively displays which tools have been collected by who.

If a tool has remained untouched then I don’t want it to display, but for the ones that have been collected. I want them to be displayed and display who has them.

How would I go about making a script w/ gui like that?

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So would I would do is Id have a decal of all the keys. Then in a billboard gui in the players characters head have a ImageLabel and set visible to false. When the player picks up the key, make their image label visible and set the image to the image for that key.

have a bool value called collected and when the tool goes to a player’s backpack or his character set it to true and to show the players just loop through them with GetPlayers and checking their backpacks and characters and make the text label text playername - Itemhecollcted

Thanks for the suggestions, il give em a shot tomorrow