Playerlist [Feedback]

today I made a Playerlist, I would like some feedback
RobloxScreenShot20200929_140436360 (2)
inspiration from Roblox topbar


That’s not called a topbar, that’s a player list.

While it does look nice, I think Roblox’s player list looks better and more sleek.

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That looks pretty cool, however what happens when the player name gets too large?
Mobile compatibility?
I would suggest looking into creating your own icons too :smiley:
Looks cool though


the player name would get small depending on how many letters is in the player name

Potentially think of a solution to cut off the name if it gets too small, for instance a twenty character name would be very tiny

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Can i have it xD, i will cry because im a noob xD

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Looks neatly done and well designed, good work.

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