Player.RespawnLocation woes?

Does Player.RespawnLocation even work?

I have code that sets Player.RespawnLocation, I’ve verified that it’s setting the right spawn, I’ve verified it’s a valid SpawnLocation (they have the same TeamColor), but it still picks a random spawn. This is really frustrating. Does anyone have any luck in this department or is it my fault?

EDIT: I’m just going to try setting the Enabled property. No clue why this doesn’t work.


Mind posting the snippet of code you are using to change your respawn locations?

I don’t have it anymore because I ended up using .Enabled instead.

However, I printed immediately after setting RespawnLocation to ensure it was a valid spawn, and it was. That’s the best information I can give you.

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I believe it does work, I recently made a speed run clone for fun and I used it.
I should actually finish it and release it too since Speed Run 4 only recently started being updated again

Let me test…

EDIT: Testing works all good for me - I have disabled CharacterAutoLoads so you may need to use Player:LoadCharacter() to get proper behavior maybe?