Players are randomly teleported to seats for no reason

I am not sure if it’s an Roblox bug, but when I walk around for a while, I get teleported to seat, that I never had seated. I can’t explain this behavior.

What can be causing this weird behavior? Any Ideas or suggestions how to prevent that from happening?


I don’t know how your game is programmed and I’ve not really heard of a “seat teleport bug”. So telling this is difficult, perhaps you inserted a free model in your game. you possibly also have a rough plugin that is causing this behavior. If you can confirm it isn’t any of these it is likely something to do with your games programming.


perhaps you inserted a free model in your game. I have no free models. I never use free models. If you talking about the pistol, it’s just an temporary mesh part. My entire game is scripted and built by me. In addition I don’t have any plugins installed. My game programming has no single code that has to do with Seat.

Regarding pistol, do you think that bullet could hit seat, and make my character sit on that seat?

If you do a search in explorer for seat do you get any hits?

Maybe you have a jail system code that teleports your character automatically instead of waiting for it to be called like a function.

I didn’t implement jail system yet, only gun system, robbery system, criminal base system, car system and team system are implemented. Only team system teleports player, however it does only teleport when RemoteEvent is called. I checked and it’s not team system either.