Players can no longer load into my game - Roblox CoreGuis taking an extremely long time to load

As of a couple of minutes ago, players are unable to load into my game:

The Roblox CoreGuis seem to be taking an extremely long time to load. The Roblox menu buttons don’t appear for some time, and I imagine there is something else in the CoreGuis that is now infinitely yielding/erroring and is preventing the loading process from finishing.

Our player count has immediately tanked due to whatever has just started happening.


What it looks like getting stuck on the loading screen:


I confirm it happens in my game too. Also all games on roblox take like 14 seconds to load the coregui. You can check any top game.

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Happening to me as well, I’m getting this error in studio as well as a kick message.


I think it’s something to do with the display name changing after a short while on the leaderboard?


Thanks, we’re investigating the issue and will update the thread as we have more info.


After doing a bit of testing I think PolicyService:GetPolicyInfoForPlayerAsync(player) may be the cause for getting stuck on the loading screen in my case. After taking this line out of my code in a test version of the game, the loading screen completed instantly (though the Roblox CoreGuis still took extremely long to load).

I also was able to eventually load in on a 1-player private server, but public servers with many players are impossible to load into.


Same issue here, I had to make the game wait until CoreGui services were use-able, and THEN it loaded. But the loading process still takes about 10 seconds straight of just “Loading…”

Maybe a connection issue? I have no clue it just takes 27 years for it to work.

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Seems to be working as normal for me now

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The issue has been sorted out on our end. Thanks!


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