Players Data not Saved when game got Shutowned

I using latest DataStore2 version from github

My game is lifting game, i need help about when game got shutdowned it save the players data but it doesnt save any solution?

Where’s your DataStore scripting?

If you’re testing in studio then you may need to use “:BindToClose()” as sometimes the server closes before the “.PlayerRemoving” event is fired.

Im using DataStore2 Module i didnt make when PlayerRemoving code to save but it auto saved when leave but i dont know why gameBlindToClose not working as i know creator of DataStore2 say it should automaticly Saved when game get shutdown, also i tried to use SaveAll on loop it doesnt help but make more broken to the game

I’m not familiar with the datastore2 module, I stick with Roblox’s vanilla implementation of datastores, perhaps someone else can help.