Players don't know how to play my game

People who play my game often don’t know how to play and then leave a dislike.

What I want: I want players to understand the game and have fun with it.
My problem: Players don’t know how to play the game, then complain and leave a dislike.
Things I have done: There are hints and clues around the map, along with a tutorial.

The game: get chased by a rocket - Roblox
Any ideas?

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Hi noobie_dev I have played your game and have a suggestion.
First of all, your tutorial is very bland. I recommend you go more in detail on what the objective of the game is. I understand that the title of the game is “get chased by a rocket” and personally I understood the game but many younger players will not understand.
Your game has potential but the only problem is the tutorial.

Good luck with your game :slight_smile:!


Thanks! I tried to make the tutorial more in-depth and interactive. Thanks for this! I hope it works.

I gave your game a try and I noticed a few things that may cause dislikes.
I did like the tutorial though, so props to updating that. Maybe you can add that if you completed it once, you don’t get the popup for the tutorial on rejoining.

(This isn’t feedback based on your post title of course.)
Firstly, the shops broke halfway through my experience, which is of course quite troublesome.
Secondly, the baseplate may cause dislikes. It seems low-effort, and getting to the edges takes a bit of time which people may not want to spend on a baseplate.
And thirdly, I kept dying to rockets while trying to do the obby. Massive blasts unfortunately penetrate there. I really liked the way you did the obby though, quite original; never seen it before (might just be me of course).

I hope this can somewhat help you!

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Thanks for the feedback! But what do you recommend I’d have instead of a baseplate? I tried a building but people didn’t like that either

I’m honestly not sure what would be best. I’m not proficient at that type of thing anyway. An easy change you can do is making triangle terrain and, if you want, some obstacles (so you can bounce of your rockets) such as free model trees or rocks.
Here is a great plugin for making that type of terrain: Atrazine's Terrain Plugin V2 - Roblox

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Yeah, I have that plugin. I’ll consider improving the map, and I’ve fixed the shops. Thanks!