Players getting accepted into the devforum for visiting the website

(sorry if this is under the wrong category, I’m new here obviously)

Hello, I’m D3strat. Your ordinary roblox developer who’ve spent a lot of time making their devforum application.
I spent a lot of time with dedication, making something that I hoped was able to get me in to the roblox developer forum. I got accepted, that’s true, but I got accepted for having visited the devforum website actively, not because of my work that I spent a lot of time on.

Looks like this happened to 90+ other people too, just today! Incredible right? What is this? Is this some sort of bug? Or… what is it? I got no email for getting accepted, I got no roblox message for being accepted, all I got was a direct message on the devforum website from “system” which obviously is pre-generated.

I don’t want to be in here if it’s because I actively visited the website… don’t take it wrong, of course my dream starts in the devforum, but not like this. I want to earn and deserve my place on here… please tell me this is a joke.

Thanks for reply.


Never heard of this process before and it concerns me in relation to bots.

But welcome!

Dont feel ashamed. I dont feel like developers should have to work to get here but instead they should start here. As long as you have imagination and a strong determination to learn then you deserve to be here.

It’s not confirmed to be 5 threads, I just made up a low number and everyone thought it was factual.

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I’m going to be completely honest, but this is absurd on ROBLOX’s side. The fact that viewers of the DevForums gets accepted into the forums by just viewing articles defeats the purpose of the challenging process to apply and become accepted for a member.


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