Players keep getting trapped in my puzzle

When I QA tested I realized that people could get “trapped” in these specific locations. I can’t necessarily just add a reset button cause I have a feeling trolls would just click it on purpose to trap people. Then again, I’m making an adventure game and from my experience playing these games typically, friends play along with their friends in these games. Not sure what to do, do I just have the player take the L and make them reset? There’s a checkpoint a couple hundred studs away but they’d have to do a puzzle (which they can’t get soft locked) again.

maybe make a reset gui for every player, then when they press it, it places the player in a safe area so they cant be trapped

you had the right idea to not make a reset button, physically, trolls are probably my second most hated people

Post the script that creates the maze so everyone can have a look at it. Someone might have a suggestion that will keep the script from forming inaccessible areas.

Oh, so like when they are in the puzzle area there’s a button which tps them to the beginning but the ui disappears when they exit this area?

Oh it’s not a script, that was 3 days of reverse engineering it lol. I couldn’t even find what type of puzzle it was called.

I guess thats correct, It prevents trollers and it lets people NOT get trapped