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    Perspective of the player if i know localscript works but this issue still stuck in my head

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player 1 (aka one thats recording) via microsoft roblox application
player 2 (one that touched the part) via mobile

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    i did found few solutions but ended up error

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Here’s the script i used to do it

local C2 = game.Workspace.C2

	if Hit.Parent then
		local Player = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(Hit.Parent)
		if Player then
			local SurfaceGui = game.Workspace.C2.TagNumber2.Front
			SurfaceGui.Enabled = false
			local SurfaceGui = game.Workspace.C2.TagNumber2.Back
			SurfaceGui.Enabled = false
			local SurfaceGui = game.Workspace.C2.TagNumber2.Left
			SurfaceGui.Enabled = false
			local SurfaceGui = game.Workspace.C2.TagNumber2.Right
			SurfaceGui.Enabled = false
			local Part = game.Workspace.C2
			Part.Transparency = 1
			print ("working...")

it looks basic because im new at scripting learned little bit about basic scripting

also here’s video files incase the video player doesn’t work
bandicam 2022-12-19 00-09-36-628|video


Please describe what you want to happen, and also describe what’s actually happening and how that differs from the result you want :+1:


what i want is to let the player touch the visible part once touch the part goes invisible but the players will still see the part that the player touch still visible

i heard localscript via startergui or other that support the localscript works but didn’t change anything except the part being invisible both perspective of the player once the other player touched the part

it was a checkpoint that im making if ur curios
check the video it explains what im describing


Alright, now I understand better ^.^

First make sure you understand the client-server model.

Since the player who touches the checkpoint is the only player for whom any visual effects will appear, these can be handled from a LocalScript. You’ll still need a server Script to handle spawning logic and keeping track of which checkpoint is currently active for each player.

Examining LocalScript, it’s clear that your current approach of putting the VFX script in the checkpoint itself won’t work since LocalScripts don’t run in most things in Workspace. A different approach is to have a single script that manages all checkpoints instead of one script per checkpoint. The (small) disadvantage is that the centralized script needs some logic to figure out what checkpoints are in the game.

My preferred way of doing that is to use CollectionService and a tag management plugin for this. Simply tag every checkpoint with “Checkpoint”, and set up a CheckpointManager script in StarterPlayerScripts like this:

local TagS = game:GetService("CollectionService")

function init()
    for _, tagged in ipairs(TagS:GetTagged("Checkpoint")) do

function setupCheckpoint(checkpoint)
        --only do something if the touching player is the local player BTW


sorry if the reply is late but got a question though

well yes local script doesn’t run with some stuff thats on workspace but if i was doing that on a part similar to the checkpoint like when player touches part it disappears but the part still appear visible on other player’s perspective. any chance that would be possible to do something within a script or no? i kept thinking about it though so the solution to the checkpoint is good but not exactly what im looking for others though just sayin

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