Playsolo greys out after closing the script editor

It appears that any time I edit a script in the place, that the playsolo button gets greyed out, and can’t be used for the rest of the session until studio is re-opened to it. I received the place from a friend, where I then saved it to my jump-drive, and I work on it on my laptop during business trips.

This PC goes into standby and offline a lot, so it could be related to those, but it’s weird that it won’t let me use playsolo in a saved place for such a weird cause as opening/closing a script


Can confirm this is an issue, I use the quick-bar to go around this but its annoying.

F5 will Play-solo :slight_smile:

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And apparently the button re-appears afterwards… Sugoi ScriptOn++

We’re aware of this issue and it’s on our bug list. This occurs only when more than one Studio session is open.

I actually had it occur after I had two open, and closed both, and re-opened only one. Not sure if you’re aware of that as also being the case, or if it’s even relevant.

This happens to me as well. Really annoying