Please could I have some first game feedback for Race To Heaven?

Here’s my game: Race To Heaven - Roblox

I’m looking for ways to improve the game, making players spend longer playing, build a community and be able to monetize off players to pay for advertising and grow the game.

Thank you.

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This was due to my previous thread being in ‘Cool Creations’ with little response, I thought it would better to post here in Game Design support.

You posted this before.

Here are some notes. The first two are basically repeats of what I said last time.

  • I still want a mute button. What if I don’t like the music but still want to play the game? Going into the default menu to turn the volume off is a huge pain.
  • The thumbnail is better than it was before, but still doesn’t really communicate what the game is. Consider calling it “Race to Heaven Obby” or something.
  • It looks like you made the obstacles easier to help people make it to the end, but it still doesn’t feel like a race at all because I’m never near the other players (either too far ahead or too far behind). Maybe you could have some mechanic to push the players in the back forwards similar to how Mario Kart gives the best items to the people in last.
  • New rounds start unceremoniously. Where is the ready set go? That’s what I would expect for a racing game.
  • The new obstacles are an improvement. Really liked the chairs. I had a funny moment sitting with a bacon. The boost balls are unsatisfying because of the delay on their bounce effect.
  • My impression after playing a round or two is that I’ve experienced everything this game has to offer, and that a second visit isn’t needed. The reward system and randomization show that you’re at least thinking about this, but these systems don’t show me how fun my future with the game will be.

Thank you for your feedback!.

  • I will get onto having a settings and mute button this evening, I have the icons ready.
  • I agree with adding the “Obby” into the thumbnail might make it more appealing, alongside showing the racing up stairs aspect.
  • We made the races shorter and some beginner stages easier however I see where you’re coming from and we are going to work on how we make players take part instead of run about.
  • I’ll also look at ways to begin and end rounds as it is very abrupt, I believe a traffic light - ready set go, mechanism can be created.

Thank you again this was very valuable and detailed feedback.

If you posted your original thread, there’s no need to create a new one. If you press the pencil on your thread, you can change the category it’s in. (Creating a new thread in a different category isn’t going to get you more response).

As for my feedback. The game looks decent and well put together however the game doesn’t feature racing to heaven it kind of has that obby theme put into it. The obstacles are good however you should possibly include quests things to do for example: you can add another area where it teleports you “racing to heaven“ if you die or win for a small amount of time you get coins or something similar to daily rewards.

The GUI look good perhaps add something that players can buy. A lot of the options you have are mainly “robux” it’ll be good to throw in things you can purchase with in-game currency, rather then pending robux on everything. There much s you can do with this game daily rewards quests something to reward newer users, add something that’s worth playing and returning back.

Those are all, small suggestions that could be taken however you like while your game seems to have that theme as other existing games add different mechanics to improve the quality of the game. The game at the start is pleasing, so if you add small improvements this could go along way. It just needs some work in order to gather newer users and things to make your audience return back.

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