Please criticize my building- I need to know where to improve

I don’t really know where to start improving but I know I need to…

(Here’s the thumbnail to my game because it’s in better graphics)

  • I’m trying to make buildings in a low-poly style, I am decent at it, but I don’t know where to start improving and it’s driving me crazy
  • I tried a new style but I mess up if it’s not all smoothplastic low-poly type of building.


I really like the fact that you have made the buildings low poly, I also love the honey building because of the aesthetics. One thing I would recommend changing is adding slightly more detail to the buildings such as different window frames.


I’d refrain from using the word “rate”.

You need to improve upon level design. Low poly is abstaining from the use of too much details but still “somewhat” accurately represent something so that people can understand what it is. Therefore often times what you need to pay extra more attention to is how to connect the buildings together better.

Improve on overall level design and not individual asset quality.

Watch these as they can aspire improvement in different ways


So I think these are not bad.
You can improve by maybe making more Contrast on your build. For example the purple building imo has to much purple and looks a little bland.
Also, I think you should use less saturated colors. Imo it looks better most of the time. My favorites are the shop and they honey building they are nice.


Hey thanks :slight_smile: I’ll take your words for it. I’ll use your input and while I’m at it change the title.

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Looking good! However, as said above the buildings lack a lot of detail.

You can fix this issue by adding little details such as window ledges or light glares on the windows (as you have done on the baby blue house) or even adding little brick details here and there like this:


While your intentions are good; I think you are doing more harm than not.
Express what you are saying in terms that accurately can pin-point what he needs to study.

Contrast? Colour theory!

More detail? LoD (Level of Detail); when to add more.

Why do this? GIVE A MAN a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for his lifetime.

Believe me, people will learn so much more by stumbling upon new terminologies and they get to study it a bit - which will result in SO MUCH MORE progress than they normally would.


Wow, looks impressive for some cartoony simulator! If you could improve something maybe the ammount of detail, its detailed but I think you could do more. Out of 10 I would say a solid 7!