Please either enforce the rules on development discussion, or lock it back to regulars

Each day I am finding extremely off-topic posts either ignored by moderators despite being reported, or even being incorrectly approved and needing to be reported for “something else” (and I’m finding that occasionally even that doesn’t do anything)

This is NOT a callout post about any users or their posts, as the lack of rule enforcement has only encouraged more rule breaking by users who often don’t know better/didn’t read the pinned post. I am creating this post to point out a severe lack of moderation in #development-discussion, that is all.

While looking at these threads, keep the Development Discussion rules in mind, considering a majority of people don’t know the post exists, much less actually read it.

Many examples of offtopic posts having zero action taken, and specifically how they're breaking rules.

And that’s just the posts that are outright ignored. There are ENDLESS amounts of posts which are being incorrectly approved, and specifically needed to be reported for “Something else”. Thankfully a majority of them DO get taken down, but it’s actually disgusting how many I get to and flag for off topic, only to be met with “A moderator has checked this post and thought it was ok.” when it’s blatantly in the wrong category entirely or doesn’t belong on the devforum at all (eg an outright complaint about being banned from Roblox, a post that belongs in any of the bug report or feature request categories, or a post requiring scripting support usually asking to be spoonfed premade code)

I’ve been bookmarking every offtopic post I’ve flagged for few weeks now, and I’ve reached roughly 60 posts. All are still up.

All I ask is that the #development-discussion rules are enforced, and if that’s not possible with the current moderation team, locking posting in it back to regulars. Opening it up when regular applications/post approval was removed (over a year ago with no word since by the way) was a questionable move. I wouldn’t be surprised if the regulars argued against it, expecting something like this to happen.

(Alternatively, open up the lounge so people would have a place to post their non development related posts to avoid spamming up a place made for, well, actual development discussion)


Actually as a matter of fact this same feature has been requested numerous times. I would suggest looking at those before complaining about other’s posts.

Now onto the topic

Lounge should just be entirely removed as it serves no point in development. Other off-site resources can be used to discuss things not related to development.

Honestly all I have to say about this is that development discussion should not be locked to regulars unless a form of post approval is brought back.

That is just calling out people for making off-topic posts which is against the rules.


They need to rework their regular promotion system and actually make regular attainable again before they lock more categories to a rank that’s no longer possible to get. Offtopic posts can be ignored, but getting rid of probably 80% of the devforum from being able to use the most used category would be incredibly detrimental to this platform. Now, if regular was still possible to get, it’d be different, but the way it stands now locking more categories to regular is not a good idea in my opinion.


Big agree. I do appreciate knowing it exists (most likely as a replacement for the old forums) but it’s definitely not a good choice for the dev forum as you point out.

I want to agree with this, but it’s getting out of hand (hence why I made the post) and shows no signs of slowing down unless big changes are made in any direction, which is why I suggested locking it to regulars posting only (Allowing member replies should be fine however. The bug report categories do fine with that setup, I don’t see why it can’t be also used on development discussion)

I’m genuinely trying my hardest to make this post not about the users or posts themselves, and instead the moderation team (or lack of moderation team) but it’s difficult to do when their work revolves around those posts. (I think I did the best I could have)


I can agree with this post… whenever regular promotions are back. I mean if you see in their POV, having #bug-reports and #feature-requests locked just to regular, creating this chaos in #development-discussion . Roblox support being more useless than ever these days, especially when trying to convey important bug reports.


What are you talking about? What rule is my post breaking?

Development DISCUSSION

My post was made to make a discussion and share my opinion on how I dislike the talent hub in an objective, constructive manner. The post is to create a DISCUSSION so that people could convey their opinions on the Talent Hub. The talent hub effects developers, hence forth it is relevant to the development discussion tab because it impedes our development.

For the record, my post WAS moderated & taken down/hidden and I had to make changes to it for it to be public again. I’m not a regular, but I created a post that was supported by over 250 developers and received more traction in a few days than posts that had been a frequent discussion for months. Should all of our voices be silenced? Nobody posted anything in the other channels for whatever reason, nobody would’ve posted anything in those channels either.

As for the other posts, why are you trying to inhibit people’s ability to ask questions and find things out? All of the posts you’ve sent spark discussion and debate, which is what this category is intended for. People are trying to find things out that they don’t know, you shouldn’t stop people being inquisitive.


My post wasn’t that off-topic either. I wasn’t “just pointing out that the talent hub added image support” I was expressing how, bit by bit, those who were patient with it are paying off.
I noticed how much backlash the talent hub is receiving and attempted to calm everyone down.

“Your topics should be seen as a contribution to developers, whether to educate or to engage them. Your topic should be from the perspective of a developer, not a player.”

I’m pretty sure no one asked for that post, and that doesn’t really discuss anything.

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Don’t worry, I asked for that post. It was a really good addition and allowed for a positive discussion about the Talent Hub moving forwards features wise.

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Also, a piece of advice @cpguy5089, if you see posts that you feel are off-topic, it’s less risky to simply flag them for attention than to complain about them.
Once you flag them, you can relax and be patient knowing that the moderators are going to deal with it. They know best, after all. And they are not slow, they are actually fast, I replied to something instead of DMing the poster, and was given feedback on that within 5 minutes. Also the post you called me out for has been removed by them. I think you should trust the judgment of the moderators and/or be patient.


This post is so ironic its funny.

Straight up just calling people out , that’s not okay on any context, plus some of the topics definitely aren’t breaking rules

Lounge should be removed entirely, and from what I know from friends it’s just legacy and purely useless.

I used to think this way too but all I’ll say is, they tried it and it didn’t work, they should either come back with a new idea or forget it and keep it how it is. Ot posts will always exist, only way I can see this being combatted is through hiring more mods, which they are doing.

Also a brief piece of advice, flagging the post will get a mods attention and after all they know best, sure some posts slip through the cracks, but overall they are a very very good team. You also shouldn’t ‘minimod’, you do it to the point where it’s creepy. I won’t say anymore on that, I’ll just leave you to ponder.


As literally everyone else has stated in this post, it’s not gonna happen.

Shutting down people for making a mistake I think is against the forum. If the moderator has determined that the post should remain intact, then that is the final decision. Minimodding won’t make this change.

You might have made an oversight in the Forum terms of service, or Roblox might be doing their specialty, and not explaining something thoroughly.

Some of the linked posts you put were genuine discussions, hence why some of them weren’t taken down. Not to mention moderation on the forum isn’t just going to get better with one snap of a finger, and if I’m correct, being a “Regular” doesn’t automatically title the individual as they know everything about the forum and that they won’t ever make a forum mistake. I’ve seen multiple regular posts taken down, actually. I won’t call out the person, but they had a golden dominus on their character. That’s one example of that.

All I can say is just let the forum develop. It was thrown into a virus-lockdown type state, and it’s hard to dig itself out of that type of spot.

Although I do agree that a lot of posts on here get redundant at times, but complaining about it won’t ever get it fixed. We just have to live with it. As the forum said themselves, flag the post and move on. Don’t get yourself involved with it. If it gets taken down, it gets taken down.

I think Roblox personally should re-write some of the Forum category descriptions so newer individuals can correctly process the information. A lot of words on the screen and stuff to remember can make even the most professional person, get led to making a mistake.

Just my two cents. I’m not willing to respond to any discussion here if it’s informal or genuinely rude. Sorry.

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That’s an almost basic feature that should’ve been in the Talent Hub. It’s not some kind of unique, special feature that isn’t already available in the forum. But anyways, let’s give it some time.

(Unless, this image sharing feature was misinterpreted by me)

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You can be angry all you want, but my post was honestly true. Many people can relate to it, and if you read within the replies you would know that. With respect, I see why you’re angry, but please don’t be blatantly rude about it.


I feel like the opposite is true. I see perfectly legit discussion topics get squashed all the time. If every post had to satisfy your expectation of acceptable, I don’t think we’d have anything here to read.

I can ignore posts that I feel aren’t worth reading (if they at least make a decent subject line). I’d rather have more options to pick through than have a dead forum with no activity.

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Considering I was just recently ranked up to Regular, the main reason people post things like these,

is because Members can not access these areas of the forum, and the Developer Discussion board is unironically the best place to put it. Everything else I agree with.

I also think this is completely misguided. No platform with the amount of players that Roblox has will have good customer support, that is simply impossible. Take a look at Discord, Youtube, Twitter or Facebooks support teams, you’ll realize that Roblox support truly isn’t that bad.


I can agree with that, to some extent like other issues such as moderation appeals and stuff. However, bug reports are always annoying, since the person who’s answering tickets isn’t able to understand the urgency of the situation.

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I do agree with that, considering how little posts there are in bug reports.