Please give feedback on my GFX

Welcome! My name is Hugo, I’m 15 years old. I make GFX since I was 14.

I’ve not been so active recently but I make GFX when I’m bored or for fun.

I’ve improved a lot since my first GFX until my last one always.

I would like feedback to this GFX, and if I should add anything else to my GFXs, or not. (You can provide with overlays or can give your opinion to this.)

My first GFX.

!- aiValuedData.png

My Newest GFX


Hope you like them! Any type of constructive critics is okay inside of the non-rude.

Thank you!

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The latest design looks awesome! I think the only thing I can comment on is it looks a bit weird when both the font and design are the same color (or very similar). It’s a pretty minor problem, so it still looks good as it is now.

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