Please, give feedback on this building


I’ve tried to make a hanger-type building, with not much interior (yet).

Does this seems like a hanger-garage building, and is this like too much! details?
The map will be used for a mini-game.

Test it here: Hangar Map - Roblox

Screenshots (LARGE!)

Ghehe, i told you. Large image’s aren’t it?


I can’t really check the inside of the garage but i love the details you added there! Tho if you’re using the outside view too then there’s a bit clipping on the wall.
As for the design of the building it look pretty much like a hanger-garage kind of building.

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Oops, i forgot to move the spawn to the inside.
Let me fix that quickly.

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Also i’m a bit curious, what’s this room for?

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No purpose yet. The map will be used as a playable map, and for the game each map require some obstacles to ran pass through/over, so avoid others playing following you around.

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@HeadlessDeathSpeaker I don’t know what the purpose of this hanger will be. Probably for an airplane but I don’t know. I think that if you put some posters on the walls or maybe add some logos and variation, it would look a lot better. Jun Jun’s picture of himself in-game indicates that the door is a bit too tall. The ceiling appears to be low-poly while the building in the middle appears to be mid-poly. I suggest putting the texture of the red to diamond plate or something like that. Other than that, I think it looks really good. I don’t think it’s too big or small, looks about right for a mini game. Maybe attach what it looks like with player UI and such so we can get a more accurate vision of what it will look like in-game.

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