(Please give feedback) Thanks!

One of many furniture pieces going to be built for my Christmas showcase builds, I don’t intend any of them to look amazing I am just having fun and experimenting, but feedback will be heavily appreciated.
Its just the table :joy: (for now :neutral_face:)

Table 1 (Elf Version)

Table 1 (Snowman Version)


AWSOME! That looks SO good! Keep up the great work!


It looks amazing! Keep it up man.


This looks very jolly! But considering this is the feedback category I’m going to give my critical opinion.
If this didn’t have a label ‘Table’ I would be able to figure out what it is 9.9 times out of 10 but personally I would add a little more support towards realistic functionality as in adding base/top supports for the tables and chair’s and or adding a less flat seating. Overall I really love the way you’ve added character into these builds.

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I am going for the less realistic theme since I like Roblox games that are built that way, but I really appreciate your feedback! Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

This looks really good! Maybe make the floor snow instead of concrete?

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this might look better if you add a couple drinks on the table, maybe a pack of cookies but aside from that, they look pretty nice!

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That is beautiful, i love the colors and the little snowman roof decoration thing a lot, both are incredibly well done!
Personally i 100% approve, keep up the amazing work!

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