Please Give Me Feed Back On My Obby!

Thank You For Coming, Plz Tell Me How You Liked The Game.


I like the thumbnail, it was very playable. The shop UI was nice. I have no complaints really, its nice.


I really like it, one of the best obbies I’ve played, probably.
I really like the speech bubbles.
Maybe you could add some type of currency like coins that you can collect throughout the journey and buy some stuff from the shop with it.

Edit: I think you should fix the Bubble Chat (it’s a known Roblox issue/bug).

Really Nice I Love It!

The Builds Are Smooth And Vibrant!
The UIs Are Also Great!

But There Is One Problem There Is A Bit Lag When You Step On The Kill Brick So You May Want To Fix That!

Otherwise Great JOB!


Adding on to what @Supercat9047 has said, I suggest using Collection Service (if you aren’t already) to optimize the kill bricks. Other than that, awesome game, really nice quality, and thumbs up for me!

Tutorial for collection service:

I like it. Although I did notice a clipping issue with the window on the door.

Pretty good game, the only thing you might wanna change is the music and make the disco tiles change colors and the disco ball spin, should be fairly easy. Aside from that, the game is great and could be a successful obby, though it seems like it will be more appealing to the younger audience.

I like it! It’s pretty fun and the features are really nice! I’d definitely play this again as it’s a great obby. Nice work, I would definitely say add some type of currency that is rewarded periodically or as you progress through the obby.

Rating: :star::star::star::star: