Please help me, Lua U bug when making a table dictionary

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i want to create a dictionary in Lua U but i don’t know how to


i tried to just make it normal

grass = {}
but that didn’t work either

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I recommend you reading this post about Tables

I don’t really know what you’re trying to achieve, but you could do something like this:

local BlockInfo = {
    Grass = "Grass"

I’m trying to use Lua U. Surely dictionaries should be possible to make in Lua U, right?

Yeah, Luau has got arrays & dictionaries, both explained in the page I linked above.

I can’t see any Lua U on that page

Creating a dictionary in Lua is simple.

local blockInformation = {
    grass = "Grass"

print(blockInformation.grass) -> "Grass"

Thank you, I fully understand this code. But I want it to be Luau compatible

The code I provided would still work, try it out in Roblox Studio.

Ok thanks, I guess it’s a temporarily solution, but is it possible to have an array of arrays in lua U?

a dictionary of arrays*

local blockInformation = {
    grass = {

You can store tables in dictionaries, as well as other dictionaries inside of dictionaries.

Wonderful, thanks! But it’s not Lua u

The code would still work, there’s no special syntax for stuff like this.

Ok thanks a bunch :smile: :smile:

Luau is pretty much the same as Lua except for some edits here and there. Most of what you do in Lua should be compatible with Luau and vice versa.