Please help! why isn't this animation working?

without using motor6d, an animation was made like this
although when i went to test it , with the animation being in the part that’s meant to swing, it ends up sticking to the righthand and not moving off. it’s an action priority, it would really help

if you need more details i’ll give them to you, just ask in the replies

Pictures? Videos? Give me some specifics!

ok, so a animation was imported into roblox from blender, it looks like the video link i sent, but during a short test, i noticed it just sticks to the hand, and doesn’t play the contiuation to the animation. here is an example:
instead of this:
and the animation is placed inside the part that’s meant to move, the priority is action, and here is the animation script:

	Swing = script.Parent.Parent.Humanoid:WaitForChild("Animator"):LoadAnimation(script.Parent.Handle.Swing)