Please make ROBLOX stop eating global shortcuts

Whenever the ROBLOX game window is focused, it will eat the input from any global shortcut, including the Windows key, media keys, volume control, ctrl+shift+esc, etc.

This is very annoying behavior, since it requires the user to use their computer differently than they normally do. The only instance where I can see this actually being useful is the PrntScr button, since roblox uses a custom screenshot system. Other than that, I don’t think roblox really has any business making my volume buttons useless.

Other games do not do this. There is no reason for ROBLOX to do this. If it’s a limitation in the engine, I assume there’s a way to work around it or implement a custom solution. I really don’t see any benefit at all from the current system, it really only makes the user experience with roblox worse. If this was revised, it would make roblox just that much better! :slight_smile:


The only problem I see with this is that it wouldn’t be possible to test these shortcuts in studio because they’re actually used there.

True, but if the Keys are not mapped to ROBLOX, they I don’t see a reason why they would reserve them :slight_smile:

Eh, can we also disable the PrntScr by ROBLOX?
I prefer using something like Lightshot, much better.
(Screen freezes, define the screenshot size, add text/lines/etc, choose if you want to upload it immediatly)

Some of the very annoying shortcuts ROBLOX eats are the volume keys… seriously?


The only thing that annoys me about this is the PrntScn button.


Roblox over-riding the print screen button has been annoying everyone for years.