Please tell me how I can improve this place I made:

Hello, I built this small place in a couple of days and am looking for ways that I could improve upon it. Honest feedback is appreciated. I haven’t been building on ROBLOX for a long time and would like to improve my skills.

the game:

Here are a few screenshots:

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work!

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This won’t improve your building skills, but it will help make your game look better. If you’re using neon, using dynamic lights is a MUST. It seems like you already have some lighting, but all those sources are white, and they’re just not illuminated enough, which makes the build look dull. If you don’t want it to look that way, those neon parts must have point lights with their associated color.

Lots of neon is also a bit of an eyestrain, I’d strongly recommend making the large neon objects, particularly the windows and the screens on the buildings, a little more transparent, which decreases the bloom effect made by neon. For me, a transparency of .2 is the sweetspot.

Overall it’s a alright build though, it sort of reminds me of town of Robloxia games from back in the day.

I wanna be honest to you cause I know most people here may not want to give honest feedback. This is pretty cool and all but you need to use the space a bit better, they are empty spots with not much near it, I also think its lacking other things than just lights and buildings, you should make the building be named specific things like a shop or an apartment.

Im really sorry if I sounded a bit mean here, I just wanted to be honest

now reading over that i can realize i could of typed that way way nicer. sorry for any trouble I hope your having a great day!

Thank you, that was really useful!

No problem, the feedback was nice to have.

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Maybe add better lighting and blender modifications it does look pretty good at the moment.

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I’m not really here to comment on the building, but I did find a small issue.

I was able to jump on the blue building that’s behind me in the picture and get outside the clips. You should probably make them taller to prevent people from doing this.

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