Please vote on game currency product ideas

Hi! I am making a new game called Tile Masters, and I want to know which ideas for currency products are the best.

You can choose as many ideas as you’d like! All of the items below will be available to purchase with in-game currency.

  • Increase Walk Speed by 2
  • Increase Jump Power by 4
  • Trails
  • Double Jump
  • Different Colored Tiles
  • Different Material Tiles
  • Speed Potion
  • Slow Gun
  • Smoke Effect
  • Emotes
  • Pets
  • Coins Multiplier
  • Hats
  • Freeze Gun

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If you want to change up an idea above, or if you have another idea, please leave a reply!

Thanks for the help!

Well, to be honest it’s more better if you could make the game currency product to be ‘Increase Jump Power by 4’
Because most users in a game normally wants an upgrade which their in-game currency could buy. So, I really suggest this idea.

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Well I wouldn’t know what I would want because I have no idea what the game is.

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Tile Masters is a knock-off game of Eviction Notice’s Tile Trekkers. The goal is to collect, find, or even steal as many tiles as you can.

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One thing you have to be careful of is making sure your game isn’t pay-to-win. Make sure new players are able to win against players with upgrades. Definitely include harmless stuff like trails, pets, multiplier, etc. but be careful when you add the upgrades.

Alright! Thanks.

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Why not all of them? They all seem good for a game like Tile Masters.

I plan to include all of them. I just wanted to conduct a survey on which ones people would like best.