". . .": Plot & Others overview, subject to tweaks

Introduction: “. . .” is a non-canon Five Nights at Freddy’s game that dives into the aftermath of Fazbear Frights fire and the backstory of Fredbear’s Family Diner (which only lasts for less than a minute). I’ve tried my best to make the story seemingly dark as possible to the extent where it doesn’t break Roblox’s Terms of Service when it comes to horror games. :grimacing:

Plot: (some disturbing scenes were already taken out)


The game starts off as a flashback when you were an 8 year old, 37 years ago at Fredbear’s Family Diner with Kaylee T. (mother-in-law), Joseph T. (father) and your younger sister, Isabelle T. watching the two animatronics on stage performing to her delight while you eat pizza that might be frozen or fresh. Glitchtrap (which is the springbonnie suit in this) is seen off to the right for a split second walking down to another corridor of halls.

You turn your head to watch springbonnie and fred bear spin unfunny (to the main character) jokes and puns with each other while other children laughs. You ask your mother if she could take you to use the “bathroom,” which in return Kaylee does. You walk into the boys’ restroom yourself while Kaylee stays behind, but something catches you off-guard. There’s a black figure in the mirror, who remains unidentified (originally blood, but figured that it would break Roblox's Terms of Service). The answer remains unknown, but clues later on may or may not reveal what had happened behind the scenes.


After witnessing what you had just seen in your dream, you’re immediately woken up by a phone call from the local Police Department that you were interested in taking a role as an Investigator or Detective because the main character loves mystery and is actually a pretty skilled jigsaw puzzle master.

You enthusiastically pick up the phone and answer the call, first greeting whomever you are talking to in your best and delighted voice, hoping to an extent that the other line would say that you are selected for the position that you had applied for, which you can no longer remember but all you can remember is the resume you sent to be an Investigator 7 months ago, (which is never mentioned in-game and only in this outline.)

The line at the other end greets you back, introducing himself as “Staff Sergeant David R.” and all of that other friendly abnormally greetings that were extremely unneccessary. David finally gets to the main point of the phone call after finishing the long greeting, he requests you to investigate the abandoned and closed down restaurant after the Department had received not several, but many reports about unidentified screams originating from that location (name not mentioned, only mentions “the abandoned restaurant”) 2 miles away from your residence after the three Investigators’ they sent never came back to report on what they found and the skills you withhold. You ask, “Wait… have I been chosen for the job I applied for the-”, being cut off by David denying any knowledge of applications or resumes, also telling the main character that the Chief of Staff only knows about.

He continues on saying that you would be granted a sum of $800,000 (paid by the taxpayers money ofc) and a high position within the department, completely disregarding the question you asked earlier as if he’s reading from a transscript or something. You ask back, “Why specifically me? Why not the other residents around the block?” David responds with a clear and bold statement saying that he already had gone around asking the rest and they all had “excuses” to refuse the request and that you were the last one on the list, “save the best for last, am I right…?”

David pleads silently with the main character to investigate for his department or he would be fired from his position for not having good communication skills, he even offers raising the bid if you’d like.

After a brief silence, you accept the request but with raising the bid from $80,000 to a whopping $309,000… specifically to pay for the house and other bills. The Staff Sergeant lets out a huge sigh of relief, tells you the exact date and time whenever you should be there and thanks you for your presence of volunteering.


It’s now the next day, and your alarm on your phone wakes you up to the Living Tombstone’s “It’s Been So Long” instrumental music, but slightly edited to avoid copyright. You turn it off, (underlined is not shown in the game) get ready, grab your Glock-77 from the counter, put it in your front pocket just in case, unlock and open your bedroom’s door, drove your car there, park and stepped out of your Honda. The restaurant’s sign is gone and there isn’t anybody else there in the parking lot except for you, the main character notices that the restaurant’s outline and design looks familiar from somewhere but you can’t seem to make out of.

You begin to have that eerie feeling like a ghost is watching from behind you, but you soothe down your mind telling yourself that it’s probably one of the guardian angels watching over you. You walk over to the entrance at a slow pace, barely glancing at the tape saying that the building is scheduled to demolish at 11 AM on (unreadable). The door doesn’t budge, even when you strain your muscles pulling it open.

You walk back to your car, now at a faster pace, open up the back hood, getting your axe out, returning to the entrance and breaking the door down. Technically this would be trespassing private property and vandalism but the main character still has that permit from the Police Department.

Anyway, after breaking down the door, dust particles fly out while some others swarm the place without any light(s) on at all. You grab the flashlight in your back pocket, turn it on while the main character’s heart continues to pace extremely fast (131 bpm), trying to find a light switch somewhere, hoping that some of the roof lights would still manage to work to lighten up the place a bit.

Models (& Map) Playing a Huge Role:

Springbonnie, as seen in the Flashback

The Original Springtrap, before the Fire

"Unknown" (no custom name thought of yet)

The Abandoned Diner's map

Somebody's corpse, don't know who it'll be yet


The "Party Room"

Map Layout (unfinished)

(Some of the lights are currently on, I’ve recently changed it to where no lights are on and the player is forced to use a flashlight. The map’s lights will be tweaked soon.)

Critique or feedback is appreciated!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you name the game "..." and not something else?
A: I figured that it would be a good name choice for a horror game since the main antagonist and other antagonists, which would all be ectomorphs because they obviously haven’t ate for years, stay silent throughout the entire game because it didn’t seem very logical (for me) to make a corpse who had been rotting for almost 40 years while trapped in a springlock suit still have a functional vocal cord.

Did you have any other plans about what "Unknown" could've looked like?
A: I had one other design about what he might’ve looked like, although I never drew it out on paper, I just thought about it in my mind. He was supposed to have sawed-off human limbs to replace his lost mechanical parts, which he wired himself to the wires on the suit so he could control how the limb had functioned but it would’ve been too graphic so I cut off the idea entirely and replaced it with a more Terms-of-Service-friendly version. (which would be the version shown in the pictures above)

Thank you! :grin:


Before you reply about anything with the “red thing” on the “Welcome to Fredbear’s Family Diner” sign, please know that it is pizza sauce that fell whenever the chef tripped while carrying the ingredients to the kitchen, shortly after their location closed down due to health hazards, therefore causing the janitor(s) there not getting the appropriate chance to clean up the mess; I couldn’t find a way to make it differ from blood. Just wanted to put this here as to lower the confusion for the map.

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I would be hesitant about using someone else’s IP for your game. This could be seem as violation of copyright. This could be taken down since you are using their characters and world without permission from the copyright holder. Unless you do have permission, you shouldn’t use their characters or world.


Thanks for mentioning the copyright issue and the IP violation, I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t be an issue considering the fact that there seems to be a whole bunch of other FNaF fan-made non-canon games (for instance, the Joy of Creation by Nikson (as found here), independent projects also using IP’s from the game, but not direct copies of the game found on Scratch (ex) and roleplays on Roblox using the same technique with FNaF’s IP) also using characters from the original series.

From what it had looked like while I was scrolling through all of the fan-made FNaF games, it looked like that you were obligated/required to credit Scott Cawthon (and other developers who made the models, only if applicable) for the Intellectual Property that you had included in your game. (assumption)

I’ve emailed Scott Cawthon, aka the person behind the whole game at scottcawthon@yahoo.com about using Intellectual Property from the game to get a final verdict in response.

It still could be found as copyright violation even if others are doing it. This is if he would file a DMCA takedown. The difference between this game and the gamejolt game, is about money. I don’t believe the gamejolt game could make money, since they are releasing it for free. Though with Roblox, you could make money off your game which in my opinion, is more likely to be taken down than the other. Both could be taken down in theory since they are using the IP but Scott may not want to. I’m just stating be hesitant, copyright can land you in hot water. Though I understand liking a game so much that you want to make something like it even using their characters, just be careful, I can’t say if you will get in trouble or not down the line.