Pls help me with some tweenservice issues

I am currently having a problem with running a tram. I want to run the tram through tween service moves from invisible part to invisible part. the problem is that the tram stops very briefly from move to move every time I use myvarible:completed:Wait() code instead of going directly to the next part. does anyone know how I can solve this?

disclaimer: I can’t show the code today.

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Can you at least show the video of how it looks like? We cannot help you much with the problem that you have without seeing the video.

You would do something like:

local part1 = whatever
local part2 = whatever
local train = whatever

local target1 = {Position = part1.Position}
local target2 = {Position = part2.Position}

local tweenInfo =

local tweenService = game:GetService(“TweenService”)

local tween1 = tweenService:Create(train, tweenInfo, target1)
local tween2 = tweenService:Create(train, tweenInfo, target2)


Note that the tweens need to be in a function

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