PLS SPONSOR (Not a donation game)


I made a stand game which is inspired by ‘PLS DONATE’, but don’t let this throw you off. It’s not a donation game!

The game is called ‘PLS SPONSOR’, you claim a stand, and then the game will automatically search your inventory for games that you have public, and it will list them on your stand.

You can sponsor your own games, or you can sponsor each other’s games.

Billboards: If you sponsor a game with a billboard it will appear on that billboard for everyone in the server! Note: there are only 6 billboards in each server, so once all slots are used up, thats it!

Blimps: If you sponsor a game with a blimp, a blimp will fly around the map advertising your game to everyone! This appears globally, and you are able to choose how many blimps you want to fly around the map. (Time in between each blimp is 2 minutes)

The colour of your stand will also change depending on how many visits you have! (Your visit count will update every minute)

Also note that the colour of your stand is not restricted to how many visits you have, and if you like a certain stand and you have enough visits for it, you can use it!

Play the game Here!


This looks interesting. Tell me what the general genre is like do people Hang out in it and get advertisements so its like a hangout or is it with co-operation with other games? Also i suggest renaming it since it sounds like a knockoff pls donate maybe Sponsorship or Ground Up idk

Yeah people would hangout, find developers and advertise each other’s games

There should we a way to get tokens for free, such as being in the game for enough time. This would still earn you money, because of premium payouts, and would encorage players to play your game. Keep in mind, while your game is likely not a copy, there are already some sponsor games that I’ve seen. You need to make yours seem more appealing than theirs!

Also, a bit of topic, but the scenery could also use a bit of work. I’m not a proffesional, but maybe you could add more detail to the trees and rocks, and dull down the colors? The GUI tweens and such seem pretty nice, but I feel that the GUI itelf could use a revamp.


  • There should be a way to earn tokens without robux(I didn’t see a way, but maybe there already is one)
  • Scenery needs to have duller colors and need more detail
  • GUI tweens are nice but GUI itself needs work

Remember, it all comes down to how your game is compared to other similar games that determines your game’s success!

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I totally agree with you! I just quickly made the current map because I wanted to push the game out quickly. And I am thinking about making a way to get tokens for free! :slight_smile: thank you for the feedback

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The word sponsor is cool and all, but I think a name more like “PLS JOIN” would more fit the needs of this game.

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Yeah I thought the same thing, but I needed a name which was catchy, and you can sponsor each others’ games, so with help from a friend I decided to go with PLS SPONSOR.