[Plugin] AutoScale Lite for GUIs - Scale your UI

Noticed that this works for all devices except iPhone 6, hmmm.

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Tested it using emulator, seems to be working fine. Could you send a screenshot of your Explorer tab?

ah, noticed that you use the plugin and scale it before you design it, my mistake.


Updated the plugin yeeeeee

new custom print messages (its actually animated but the gif has low fps so it’s not showing

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I really like this plugin, it saves a bunch of time trying to do the math to position the UI.

I like how you keep updating this plugin to add new stuff.

Well done.


Thank you for this great plugin, it makes my work much easier. I recommend to anyone who is into making UI design.


Can confirm, you are crazy if you think this is a horrible plugin. Get it now. It solved all my scaling problems.


I didn’t see this post until just now and I had been working on writing a plugin that did just this. Thank you for the time saver!


Hey ZacBytes, I have a question about your Plugin, If I want the Plugin to scale my UI for Both Mobile and PC, how can I do so?

The post literally tells you how… Use the constraint

I did but as soon as a change the Device type, it did not work, what am I doing wrong?

Are you using scale + the UiAspectRatio constraint like in the post?

I am litterly so dumb, thank you, I did not know

Hey, do you mean enable the Scale and then create the constrant?

Yep, that is indeed what I mean.

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Ahhh I understand now, thank you for your help.

Okay, a feature I missed from V1 was that it would actually autoscale the size of the descendants
Second thing is, when I try to duplicate the rescaled UI, I tend to get a messed up one instead of a duplicate. Any fixes?

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Did you turn on automatic changing of the anchor point?

Yeah I fixed it now, I still wish it scaled the descendants too it worked awesome for me lol. But this is an amazing plugin especially with the UI Constraints

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I use this all the time. Excellent plugin, and well made.

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