[Plugin] AutoScale Lite for GUIs - Scale your UI

seems to be patched still my gui is not fitting the screen its filling out of the screen

You can watch the YouTube video linked on the main post to learn how to use the plugin.

P.S. also working on an update that adds intelligent scaling, does everything for you!

Thank you for explaining, finnaly I can build my gui for my waiting game

Documentation site is up, still working on the content

An absolutely great plugin. Very recommended!

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It isn’t working for me. It shows the same position for every device and the frame isn’t the size I want it to be for all devices. Please help me because my game won’t look very good without perfect frame sizes for different devices.

Change size and position to scale and add a constraint

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I have tried that, but it still doesn’t scale it for me. I am not fully understanding on why it is doing this. It is getting pretty annoying on how it does not scale it perfectly.

send a screenshot of layout in explorer

Amazing plugin that works brilliantly. Same goes for AutoScale Plus as well.

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Here it is in mobile:

It is perfectly scaled in PC, but not all mobile devices. I cannot make a successful game with messed up frames for different devices. I literally did everything it says in the post but it isn’t working.

Your issue is the anchor point, you have to set it to 0.5,0.5 in most cases.

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I highly recommend this plugin. Gave it goes, liked it, bought the plus version, no regrets. Nice job @ZacBytes

Huge time saver!


Really Useful When I was Making a Main Menu for my Game, I Tried all Known Methods Documentated on the Dev Forum to No Avail but this Plugin Saved the day, Thanks :smiley:

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It didn’t work for me though…
I’m not sure if it was just my problem, but when creating lots of GUIs and putting on a frame, it didn’t work.
I followed every instruction you listed, and I also looked at some YouTube videos, but still didn’t work…
maybe this plugin is only intended for small numbers of GUIs?
(By doesn’t work I don’t mean it doesn’t insert all of the constraints, but after doing all the listed instructions the UI just didn’t scale properly on all devices)
The only method I got them to scale correctly was to change everything’s scale and position’s offset to 0.
(I messed around with it for like a week, changing anchor points, looking at YouTube, etc. but still somehow doesn’t work?)

if setting size to scale and postition to offset works it means that it’s something wrong with your ui setup and not the plugin

Yeah, I guess you’re right.
It worked when I reduced the UI amount, so maybe this plugin is only intended for small numbers of UI?
Because when I reduced the UI amount to 10 it worked, but when I had it back 20 it didn’t work.
(The UI were all connecting to each other too)

there no limit to the plugin/constraints, only thing that could affect it is your ui setup. A common mistake a lot of people do is to seperate gui into different screengui objects rather than combining them in a single frame and single screengui (but this is the intended effect so you should to learn basic ui setup before using the plugin)

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After I updated it, two days ago, it just didnt work like the other update. It started being wonky with the position, it doesn’t scale mostly correct. My play menu is really weird!

Would be nice if it was possible to add auto-anchor, so it can have scaled based sizing and positing mixed with anchor. So I don’t have to deal with anchoring my UI’s, anchoring keeps my UI’s stay in place for all screen sizes.