[Plugin] - Cloning Instance in Script - [SOLVED]

No. Also the output just says attempt to index nil with CreateToolbar tho i just think it happens with plugin scripts commonly. (If you look back at the code it doesn’t run anymore if is a rbxm file only just that one error, also the plugin doesn’t appear in the toolbar.)

That doesn’t make sense, that would mean the plugin itself doesn’t exist. What’s the stack trace of that error?

Nevermind the error appeared before but the plugin actually doesn’t exist anymore. Strange enough.

Also the plugin isn’t suppose to have an button. Since my plugin runs at the start however i only want to run it once as well.

Do you see the plugin in PluginDebugService? I don’t see how it wouldn’t still exist if you can. attempt to index nil tells me that the plugin variable is nil, which would only happen if you were running it from a non-plugin.

The plugin is still there in PluginDebugService i saved it again btw earlier.

Ok, I noticed that it creates a folder in ReplicatedStorage. Does it create the folders when you playtest?

Nope. The folder doesn’t appear that’s suppose to be for the remote events.

I think the player is being created too fast before the plugin can even load. Remove the PlayerAdded connect while leaving the function inside of it intact and still if it works that time

Doesn’t work and sadly doesn’t run the code.

Reload the plugin…

also I see what you’re doing now and I’ll just warn you that you shouldn’t even bother to use StudioPlugins to make an anticheat. Plugins only exist in studio and refuse to serialize, which means the plugin would not work in a live game, ever.

I know I am just experimenting, Also it still says infinite yield possible when i rewrote some of the code to make a button.

I’m not using WaitForChild anymore in the code but it still yields.

Anytime you want the change of a plugin to take effect, you have to resave it.

If you’re editing the plugin in some folder that it not apart for PluginDebugService (like how plugins start out) then just resave that as a Local Plugin.

If you’re editing the plugin directly inside of PluginDebugService though, there’s an option that shows up when you right click the plugin object itself.

Save and Reload will save any changes made to the plugin then reload it, while reload will just reload it without saving any changes.

it still yields.


Open the plugin’s script inside of the plugin in PluginDebugService and see if it looks off. If it does, go ahead and make changes to that instead. Then use Save and Reload on the plugin itself.

Nothing seems to be off. (also the anti cheat is just something i am experimenting on.)

Also the output still suggests it as a lua plugin even tho it’s an rbxm plugin.

You probably still have the .lua plugin saved
I don’t know if there’s a better way to delete it entirely, but you would have to go to this drive on your computer using WinKey + R.

I deleted the lua plugin on that location however not local. Is there other methods to delete it on LocalAppData?