plugin:CreateToolbar() typo fixed but still errors

i uploaded a plugin and it had an error so i checked the script and it had a typo in the code:

local toolbar = plugin:CreateToolBar("oof's dev tools")

so i fixed it but it still showed the error saying:

[21:13:05.623 - CreateToolBar is not a valid member of Plugin]

can someone help?

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CreateToolbar has a lowercase b

Did you mean to do

local toolbar = plugin:CreateToolbar("oof's dev tools")

that was what i fixed
even after updating the plugin it would still error

Can you show us the plugin variable decleration, perhaps that’s wrong

It’s not. plugin is a special global intended for plugin scripts available in its environment when the plugin initialises during a Studio session. If this was the issue, the error message would be different - mentioning something about trying to access an unknown global.

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Oh yeah correct, totally forgot about that, didn’t play with plugins in a while.

what happened
what was wrong was that team create currently doesn’t work for publishing games (at least for some people)
for more info check this post.

This bug was reported over a year ago and I doubt this is the case. Did you perhaps mean that you saved your game instead of publishing the latest version and therefore the changes did not save? This, or if you had collaborative script editing enabled, did you forget to commit changes?

yeah i had collaborative mode on.