[Plugin] Dead Simple Asset Replacer

Hi all,

I’m not sure if plugins like this exist, but I threw together Dead Simple Asset Replacer today to solve an annoying problem and think that others may get some use out of it.

This plugin can be used to immediately replace all audio or image assets in your game from one asset id to another. This is great for replacing copyrighted audio assets when you can’t find them! I imagine it could also be useful for replacing old images with a higher quality version.

The plugin will also set a ChangeHistory waypoint, so you can undo the replacement if something goes wrong. Also, the plugin will select every asset that was replaced - no more wondering where that copyrighted sound instance went!


Of course, this is a problem that you could always easily solve by typing up something in the command line, but why not make it Dead Simple?


Since it’s really annoying to see these errors flood your Developer Console, I’d be down to install it right now so I can get all of these images and/or audios that error out! Thank you, @pa00!


Does this replace Asset Ids stored as properties of instances or can this edit scripts as well that have the Asset Id in them?

This is the dead reason we use plugins. It’s just not dead simple enough writing dead simple code in the dead simple command bar.


It does not edit scripts currently. I hadn’t even thought of that case! For that, i’d probably use Ctrl-Shift-F, but I think I could add it to this plugin as an update.

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Can you add an option to delete or re-parent the assets with the select ID

and also add functionality for Animations and other types of Instances that can fail to load

good thing you have ChangeHistory waypoint, because your plugin will replace ALL unrelated images when the plugin can not find any asset with a certain id