Plugin HTTP service erroring when Playing?

So, The past afew days I’ve been working on a Plugin, the Problem is that every time I play the game while having the Plugin in Game (Playing In studio) It would error this

Http requests can only be executed by game server 

Even though I’m using a Server sided script Inside a Plugin Folder.

I’ve assumed there is something wrong I made with my Plugin, so I’ve created a small Plugin script using HTTPService
But I added a Folder in ServerscriptService and added a Server sided script.

local HTTPService = game:GetService("HttpService")
local InstanceAPI = -- Can't paste the API here (Just paste Any API)

Guess what same error.

I don’t what’s going on, I might be doing something wrong, I’m really confused if you have any idea please tell me why.

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Use a Script - not Local or Modular.

I’m using a Server sided script as I’ve said.


Maybe when playing from the client’s perspective the plugin script acts like a client script?

Does it still happen after you change Current to Server?

Yes, But I don’t think that’s the issue as Plugins shouldn’t even error when you play.
I’m also guessing this error is from RunContext as my Plugin didn’t even error before they added it.

Are you using the Server RunContext?
Legacy should work like it used to…

Nope, Legacy Plugins don’t work with Server in RunContext.

Seems like it’s a Roblox bug as I’ve asked others (Plugin creators), Sadly Can’t post on the Studio bugs…

I’ve already found a solution from 3 day ago, But here is a quick and easy solution if someone needs it.

Put this on top of your Main Plugin script.

if game["Run Service"]:IsRunning() then return end
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