Plugin Not displayed on the bar

so I made a plugin, published it. But when I install it, it is not on the plugin bar.
how do I make it display on the plugin bar?

Can I see the plugin script that creates the toolbar?

local Plugin = plugin:CreateToolBar("Script Yay!")
local Button = Plugin:CreateButton("blabla","ssss", "rbxassestid://6915541892")

	local NewScript ="Script")
	NewScript.Source = ""
	NewScript.Name = "Script"
	NewScript.Parent = game:GetService("ServerScriptService")


On line 2 plugin is upper, I believe this is the problem.

at line number, one, i made a variable, i called it “Plugin” so it is not the problem.

I’d recommend changing the variable name Plugin to toolBar
The 2nd parameter of plugin:CreateButton() is a description, so you can just enter

local toolBar = plugin:CreateToolbar("ToolBarNameHere")
local Button = toolBar:CreateButton("PluginButtonNameHere", "PluginDescriptionHere", "PluginIDHere")

are there any errors? Can I see them?

CreateToolBar is not a valid Member of plugin (several times on the output)
CreateToolBar is not a valid Member user_script.lua
Workspace.Script:1: attempted to index nil with 'CreateToolBar

CreateToolBar - the B should be lowercase.

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do just like @Vlaskoz said, but put the script in serverstorage