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How would you detect if a plugin is open already, and when the game is ran, it stays open?

Lets say i have a plugin, and i turn it on. I press the run button, but the plugin disappears. I basically don’t want it to disappear. How would i do this?

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Could you show the code to your plugin? It shouldn’t be disappearing from the ribbon.

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Oh no not the ribbon. When the plugin is actually open, ( it uses DockWidgetPluginGuiInfo ) it removes that window

Have you tried opening it after the game runs? It should hopefully remember to keep it open after you do that.

If that doesn’t work, then I guess you can use plugin datastores with plugin:GetSetting(name), plugin:SetSetting(name, jsonvalidvariant).

yea but the thing is some stuff might happen immediately when the game starts.

also can you explain the plugin datastores?

local toolbar = plugin:CreateToolbar("Studio: Create Suite")

local Storage ="Folder", game.ReplicatedStorage)

Storage.Name = "Production_Storage"

local button0 = toolbar:CreateButton(

local widgetInfo =
	Enum.InitialDockState.Bottom,  --: This is the initial dockstate of the widget
	false,  --: Initial state, enabled or not
	true,  --: Can override previous state?
	500,    --: Default width
	200,    --: Default height
	100,    --: Minimum width
	200     --: Minimum height

--: This will be the info of the widget we're going to create

local widget0 = plugin:CreateDockWidgetPluginGui("widget0", widgetInfo)
widget0.Title = "Production | Output"

	widget0.Title = "Production | Settings"


	widget0.Title = "Production | Output"


script.Parent.MainFrame.Parent = widget0

local function onButton0Click()
	if widget0.Enabled == true then
	widget0.Enabled = false
	elseif widget0.Enabled == false then
		widget0.Enabled = true

button0.ClickableWhenViewportHidden = true


thats the main script if you want it. (Its not done)

all u need to do is set this to false, this should work.

is there anyway this can run any quicker?

Hmm, what do you exactly mean?

let me explain. I have a plugin that is basically an output 2.0, with loads of new features. i have a script in workspace that prints “hi”. When i run the game, it doesn’t show hi in my output (yes the output does work it handles errors warnings all that)

Well, let’s discus this in PMs.

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