[Plugin] Package Installer for creating & installing packages

What is it?

This is a plugin I created for more easily transferring your code & dependencies between your games. The idea is that RemoteEvents, RemoteFunctions, Scripts, LocalScripts, GUIs, etc. should all be stored as a single component if they all work together as one main structure.


Personally, I like to keep my code separate before implementing it within my game. It lets me keep everything modular, minimal, and clean; and then I can use it for all my other games needing similar components. However, it was an issue dealing with dependencies - if my code relies on some other code existing somewhere, I’d have to make a note of that and make sure that code follows along wherever I reuse my code.
Using my package plugins, the dependencies issue is all but gone - all I need to do is place my package into another game and install it. I know that I didn’t forget anything and I can use the code within any other game I want without having to figure out what it relies on.

I’m assuming that I’m not the only one who’s experienced this; if you deal in modules, you’ve probably had to do the same thing at times. These plugins are designed to fix that.


There are two plugins; one’s for using existing packages & the other is for creating packages. They can be found here:
Installer: https://www.roblox.com/library/2907686803/Package-Installer
Creator: https://www.roblox.com/library/2907607111/Package-Creator



  1. Select all your needed objects within the Game Explorer
  2. Press Ctrl + P to create an Installer folder
  3. The Installer will be created under ServerStorage; this can be transferred among your games & saved to Roblox as a single package.


  1. Place your Installer folder within your game (anywhere you’d like)
  2. Select this Installer folder in the Game Explorer
  3. Press Ctrl + I
    All the objects will be placed in their locations within the game & from there on can be used as normal.


The Installer folder comes with a built-in Install script. If you don’t want to use the Installer, this will automatically install your package when the game runs - so you can still use it as normal by using :WaitForChild(object).

Comments / Feedback

If you have any questions about the plugins, I can be messaged on the dev forums or on Roblox.