Plugin:SetSetting() page has text mistakes

In the code example the title has the number one in a place where it shouldn’t be and in the explanation of the code it says “The below example would save the value of the key “FirstTime” as false.“ but the actual key in the code is “RanBefore”.

Here is the page:


Oh boy, there’s a lot of mistakes there.

And it’s set to true, not false.

And the method name should be SetSetting(), not SetSetting1.

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To add on to this, the key is not “FirstTime” either; it is “RanBefore”.

“it’s” means “it is”, and therefore should be “its” in this case, too.

The code doesn’t seem to relate to a tutorial but rather a “welcome back” message… too? :thinking:

Yet also, PluginManager() is deprecated and superceeded by the actual plugins feature.
This could be used in the command bar for a plugin, but should really use the plugin keyword which actual plugins have in their environment.

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