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Shell Library Plugin:

Shell Library is a variety project where the goal is to offer as many tools as possible in a single plugin, it shares many features of other plugins with a giant similarity

It can offer tools like: Audio Finder, Character Loader, Asset Inserter, Antivirus, Welder, Random Generation, etc.

Sections and Features:

Shell Library Section : Cleaner

Simple but in some cases useful, after selecting a part it will remove all objects [children or descendant] of a specified class.

Utility Example

In this case, we would have to select the model in which all the parts are located and allow it to also check the descendants, we select the class “Mesh” and all those objects will be eliminated


Class: You have to write the specific name of the class
Exception: Used for “Clean All”
Descendants: “Boolean” check whether to delete descendants or not
Clean: Select an object and it will remove the selected class within it.
Clean All: It will clean everything inside the object except the class that is defined in “Exception”


Shell Library Section : Asset Inserter

[Requires script permissions] To use it, you must enter the ID of an object from the library to be inserted [Only Public Assets] In the new version it allows to insert hexadecimal numbers

Accept Scripts: A protection attempt, if disabled it will remove all scripts inside the object you want to insert


Inspiration of: Model Insert

Shell Library Section : Character Loader

Remember that this plugin is only for people who want to save space or want to combine plugins into one.The plugin gives the option to insert any character in R6, R15 or Rthro, which forms the difference with the command bar trick:

game.Players:CreateHumanoidModelFromUserId(1).Parent = workspace

This explains it all:


Inspiration of: Load Character

Shell Library Section : Audio

Thanks to the new privacy rules the section was modified, and now it only offers licensed music made by Roblox, the genres still exist although a little limited. With the insert button of each audio, you can place the music in the game

It offers effects, calm music, horror, musical, tycoon, etc.


Shell Library Section : Antivirus

Protect your game from the most common backdoors and viruses, it offers several options to make it easier. To use the option to check plugins, it needs Http Service activated

If you select a script, it will be ignored by the scan [this to avoid false positives]


Shell Library Section : Building

This section is the most varied of all, it offers various features to build. Some of the building features are:


Intuitive to use, you select a part, and press the button, after this an object will appear in the mouse position, while you keep the click clones of the selected object will appear, until you press “Cancel”. If you select more, the system will choose a random one

Inspired of: BrushTool

Light Editor

Allows you to observe and modify all objects with a class of light inside, if the object is selected its properties can be modified from the plugin

Inspired of: Light Editor


One of the simplest to understand, thanks to the ease it has, you just have to place the position; select one or more objects and press “Generate”.

Rarity obviously means the amount of objects that will be in the selected space.


Additional Data:

Code: Shell Library.rbxm (67.1 KB)
Plugin: Multicontent-Set Shell Library
Support: Rain Project

Take this just as a hobby.
If you have any bug report or want a section to be added feel free to reply.

Thank you for reading!


nice little plugin, very useful features all in one for ease of access, excellent work!

Update 1.1.0

  1. Generation Fixed, now works with models!
  2. New section Antivirus
How to use the Antivirus?

This category allows the user to decide if he wants to review “requires”, “plugins” or if he wants to save the risky scripts in a folder instead of deleting them.


An extra feature: If you want to review “requires” but you are aware that you have some scripts with that keyword, you can keep the script selected, this way it will enter the Whitelist and not be reviewed.

If you want to review plugins, the game must have the Roblox API and Http Request activated in order to review the inventory

  1. Before when the player selected “Undo” after a plugin action it showed a Parent “NULL” error, that problem is fixed

Plans for next update:

  1. Make the “ToolGrip” section more accessible and easier
  2. Add to the building section, the ability to build triangles with Meshes

Update 1.2

  1. Updates and improvements in the “BrushTool”
  2. Added PartToTerrain // Thanks to: “TigerCaptain”
  3. Added Triangle Surface Terrain // Thanks to: “IlyasTawawe”
How to use the Triangle Surface Terrain?

Although there is a tutorial in the section itself, it can be difficult to understand.

First three parts [BaseParts] are selected, not models… pressing “Triangle” will create the surface, to create more triangles either together or separately, simply select three other parts


BrushTool Updates

It may not seem like much, but this is better to combine it with the Triangle Surface Terrain.

Now it contains speed “wait(value)” by default is 0.5, “Rarity” was also added, which allows knowing how many objects will be created when clicking on a surface, by default its 1.


Something I forgot to mention in the original post:
If you want a category or new section to be added to building that you think is too complex, it would be appreciated the explanation in detail.

Also note that the plugin no longer uses :Destroy(), it now sets the parent to nil, this is done for the ChangeHistoryService to work, from what I read, it doesnt destroy the object completely, but I have no alternative.

Plans for next update:

  1. Circle Geometry
  2. Improve Triangle Surface Terrain
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Thanks for the credits, otherwise I love your plugin and I would love to contribute!

Update 1.2.1

  1. Triangle Surface Terrain improved
  2. New section: Terrain
Triangle Surface Terrain

Now includes some features that make it a bit more useful.


You can determine the color and the material in case you have to create several triangles and also move the selected parts to stretch the triangle [already created]

How to use Terrain

As some of you know, there was a section in Building called “PartToTerrain”… well it was removed and now you will find that feature here:


You already know how PartToTerrain works, but now there are two new features: Copy and Paste.

First select a part, and then click “Copy” everything inside that part will be copied, then you select a new part [the position where you want to copy the terrain] and select “Paste”.

Its extremely similar to the features provided by the default Terrain tool.


There is Copy and paste, but what if I want to cut Terrain?

  1. Copy the terrain, selecting the part
  2. Dont delete the part just make an exact clone somewhere else
  3. You use PartToTerrain with the original and select “Air” material
  4. With the clone you paste the terrain

Update 1.2.2

  1. New section PartSelection to Building
  2. Improved Terrain
  3. Save System with plugin:GetSetting()

Select all parts with the same properties as the selected part within a given amount of distance

This version of PartSelection has been modified, youd better read the 1.3 version

You keep the part selected and press “Start” all surrounding parts with the same color and material will be selected


The amount of studs will obviously be the part selection distance, if you want the whole set to be studded just increase the number to 1000 or something

When can it be useful?
Imagine that you have a brown house inside a model… it seems ugly to you so you want it to be yellow, but its so disorganized that you dont know which parts indicate the walls, what do we do?

We open the plugin, we select only one wall and all the parts of the same color and material will be selected, you modify everything together and that’s it!

Update 1.3

  1. Widget Plugin removed [New Design]
  2. Cutscene Section removed [Unnecessary]
  3. ToolGrip Section removed [Its difficult to use and there are simpler versions]
  4. Plugin Options Section removed [Unnecessary]
  5. Audio Section removed [New audio privacy]
Why Audio Section was removed?

This was a section to find good songs without using the ToolBox, you could find calming music, medieval, musical, horror, effects, sounds of weapons, sad, etc.

Photograph of version 1.2.2


Thanks to the fact that the songs wont work if they arent yours, it no longer have a reason to exist

  1. Fixed a terrain bug where you couldnt create it in water, now you must first create an air block, then the terrain to convert
  2. Modified PartSelection

How to use new PartSelection

Now you simply press “Start” and with the mouse you click on a part [no need to select] uses mouse.Target

  1. New Design!

  2. Improved Inserter

Now you can insert hexadecimal numbers! to avoid having to google a decoder to insert it, here you can do it immediately [must start with “0x”]