[PLUGIN] Smart Anchor - An intelligent, and faster way of building


Introducing… SMART ANCHOR! I’ve seen a few anchor plugins that I really just wasn’t impressed with, and after many modelers asked me if there was any way of auto anchoring new parts - I went to creating this plugin. So what does this plugin do exactly? Well there is 2 main features of this plugin:


AUTO ANCHOR - Auto anchor automatically anchors all newly added baseparts, this is a lot more helpful than an “Anchor All” because sometimes your game requires physical objects too, like cars or any other vehicle so you can easily click the button to toggle it on and off.


I’ll be supporting this plugin for the foreseeable future, and I hope that you all have smooth building from now on. If there’s any extra features that people come up with I’ll add them, just put them in the comments of this post. Happy building everyone!


Forgot to actually make this plugin for sale haha, it’s now for sale. Enjoy!



  • Now only newly created objects will get anchored, originally you were to example bring a folder from Replicated Storage to the Workspace it would anchor everything.
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  • Plugin now shows if it is activated or not.
  • Removed anchor children because it’s useless.
  • Better performance.
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Sorry, but why did you call this Smart Anchor? In my eyes, there’s nothing smart about this at all. It’s just an anchor script that anchors new parts. Additionally, if you clone a part or somehow make a part that is not the default sizes then your plugin will not auto-anchor it, which makes it pretty much useless in my opinion because every build I’ve ever done has used the clone button multiple times.

Some other things I’d like to point out is game.Workspace is deprecated (use workspace) and instead of typing descendant.Anchored = true five times you could have used the or keyword in the if statements. Instead of using Part, MeshPart and WedgePart you could have also used BasePart, an umbrella term for all three.

No offense though, and good try.

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