Plush Studios | Testers needed

Plush Studio | Testers needed

Hi I’m DevTops. I’m the lead Scripter for Plush Studios and we’re working on a new project. I don’t want to give all our secrets out so I’ll say this, it’s a round based game where you get points. We are no where near done but we do need a good team of testers to help test out the game. The testers will be called on periodically and in no way have to commit to the project if they don’t want.

As a tester what will I do?

as a tester you’ll be playing our games for around 15 - 30 minutes at a time. During play sessions if you encounter any bugs please DM a developer through the discord

That sounds awesome, but what do I get???

you get the fabulous tester rank on our discord, and in the game (when I get around to coding it).

Ok what are the requirements?

  • 13+ only, we need mature people who understand the Roblox platform
  • You must know English
  • You must have a discord

Okay sounds good, how do I contact you?

DM me on discord DevTops#9999


interessed i added you on discord

im interessted, message you on discord

added you, my username is Ithurius#7846 and im interested!

I’m interested in being a tester. I’ve added you on discord. My username is LightSwitch#8391. Looking forward to hearing from you.

@Mr_Topsgaming I added you, im interested. my user is Ithurius#7846. I can list my schedule when you dm me.

Heloo! I am Gat! I am very interested in the position.I will stick to the job! Contact me via discord SignsDev7382! I am also premium so you will get premium payouts :slight_smile:

Added you on discord @mazmusic#2022. :slight_smile:

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