Plz give feedback on my game: Obbyverse

WARNINGS: Before asking questions, please read the FAQ section (you’ll find it at the bottom of my message).
If your question isn’t included in the FAQ section then you can ask it.

Hello, everyone. I’m here to talk about my current project: Obbyverse

Is this my first project?


This is my first serious project. I made a few low-quality games in the past.
This time, however, I will do my best to make a high-quality game.

What is my game about?


My game is called Obbyverse, so obviously it’s about obbies…
But warning! It’s not an obby game like the others.

  1. First of all, unlike most games of the same kind, this is a round-based game. A map is randomly chosen before each round, then every player is teleported to it and must finish it before the time runs out.

  2. Secondly, my game uses an improved version of EgoMoose’s gravity controller, this allows me to add anti-gravity sections to the maps.

I will add, in future updates, a fly system, custom moveset (sprint, double jump, crouch, etc.) so my game will be even more unique.

Who works on this game?


This is a solo project I’m developing alone, on my own.
Altough I’m the only person working on this game, a few community resources (such as EgoMoose’s controller) and a few free models (such as the trees) are used. But don’t worry, I’ll credit everything that wasn’t made by me.

Also note that this game is an ambitious project. My ultimate objective is to create the most complex, interesting and amazing obby game of all time.
I have little experience (this is my first serious project), so I won’t be too sad or disappointed if things aren’t going like planned. I’m developing this game for fun, so yeah. In fact, I don’t even think I’ll reach the “ultimate objective” listed above but I’ll do my best to reach it.

Am I going to hire builders, scripters or artists?


No, I’m too poor to pay people.
My game still needs a lot of work, but when it’s 100% done maybe I’ll try to hire investors.

If you absolutely want, you can build a map for my game but I won’t pay you, or little.

Game link so I can see it?


As I told above, my game still needs a lot of work.
The lobby will be changed for a cooler one, and there’s a single test map. But, if you’re curious, you can try my game here:

My personnal opinion

Personnal opinions:
  • I’m an excellent scripter and UI designer (I learned a lot of things from the developer hub), but I’m a bad builder and animator. So, my game will probably not be perfect.
  • One of the biggest reasons I’m working on this game: I’m curious to see if I’m able to make a good Roblox game, or not. If my game is a success, I’ll update it a lot and I’ll start creating other projects. If it’s a failure… Then I’ll most likely quit the developing world. (I’ll consider my game as a success if it reaches a good amount of place visits and likes)
  • There are a few glitches, a few things I want to change, also I completely dislike the game’s lightning. I tried to removethe shadows but wasn’t able.
  • Keep in mind this is my first project. I’m completely new to the developing world, this is the only thing I can add to my portfolio. xD
  • I hope you like my game’s idea!

FAQ section


Q: Why did you created this topic? Your game is currently not interesting and needs more work.
A: I was really curious to see if people here love my game’s idea. So feedback about the game’s idea is highly appreciated!

Q: When is your game going to become more interesting?
A: Since I’m the only one working on my game, I have no deadline. But I’ll do my best to finish the game as soon as possible!

Q: I think your project is too ambitious for your first ever game, also your ultimate objective is completely unrealistic. Shouldn’t you think otherwise?
A: Are you sure you read entirely my message? I know my ultimate objective is unrealistic, that’s why I won’t be too sad or disappointed if I’m not reaching it. And yes, my project is ambitious, but that simply means I’ll do my best at making this game. Understood? Plus, I’m having fun working on my game.

Q: Your lobby and/or level is really low-quality, but you said it’s going to be a high-quality game!
A: The lobby is temporary, it will be replaced in a future update.
Same for the map. It’s only a map for testing purposes.
My game isn’t going to be high-quality so soon, you’ll have to wait for updates.

Q: Discord server?
A: There’s one here:
It’s not a finished server but you can use it to chat and ask questions!

Q: Your game isn’t monetizated! There’s no gamepasses and no products! You’re not going to win a single robuck!
A: Yes, I know. But, don’t forget it’s a W.I.P. game. I actually plan to add coins, hat crates and a shop in the future. But currently there’s no monetizaton at all.

Q: Do you have experience?
A: Not really. I learned a lot of things from the dev hub so I can say I’m a good scripter. But I’m completely new to the developement world.

Final words

My final words are:

I’m working on this ambitious project alone altough I have little experience. What’s going to happen? I’m really curious…
I hope you enjoy the concept and game idea.
I hope this topic wasn’t useless.
I hope y game’s test version works fine for everyone and that’s going to make my idea more clear!

Have a great day!



Woah there buddy we all fail but that doesn’t mean we quit keep going man even if the game is a flop you should never quit no matter how many times you have to try.


Yeah don’t quit. Also nice idea!

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Your game still seems in very early development. I assume your system works with multiple players? There isn’t that much content to your game. I like the anti-gravity obby idea, try making more obby’s and maybe stuff to buy or achieve like levels, pets, items and skins. Even if this game becomes a failure you shouldn’t just give up, as you will learn ALOT from your mistakes. Keep going and don’t give up!

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I think the lobby is very dull; it could use a bit more decoration and less free models. The fountain is very noisy. I really like the game concept and I can see it becoming successful. The coding was done nicely however the building design could be improved.

Off Topic

Please refrain from adding too many drop-downs. These can be really annoying to click if there are a lot :slight_smile:

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Nice idea! Don’t quit if this doesn’t work, by the way. Also I would offer my building services, but I’m not the best builder ever so that’s up to you if you want me to do stuff on it (I totally don’t care about payment because I’m not amazing) but I do like building obbies and working with terrain (I still don’t know how to use meshes yet, I’m working on that lol) but nevermind all of my waffling, this is a good idea and I hope it succeeds :grin:

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This is awesome! It has a lot of potential I might just make a level.

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good start keep it up
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My scripting skills are good, but I still need to improve my building skills.
I’ll try to avoid free models in the future (and I’ll lower the fountain’s sound).
I will also build a better lobby, this one is temporary so don’t worry! :wink:

Also, I see a lot of people love my game’s idea, this encourages me to continue working on it. Thank you everyone for the support, it means a lot for me! :grin:


I’m sorry for the very late reply, but the map kit for my game is ready, if you want to build a map for my game you can do it now! (Map kit link:


  • You’ll find under the “Instructions” folder, 4 text messages that will explain your everything you need to know.
  • A few special scripted parts (example: kill brick, moving platform) in case you don’t know at all how to script.
  • A few scenery free models, to inspire you (you’re not forced to use them)
  • A map model, where you need to insert your map. You also need to configure a few values to set the map’s name, difficulty, time, etc.
  • You’ll also find my game’s gravity control system, install it using the “Setup” script.

When you die you have to wait until the game is over; 999 seconds. That’s unreasonable.