[plz help] Camera jittering on Cframe change of a vehicle

Hello Devs !!

I’m a programming enthusiast and I’m trying to replicate on Roblox a type of vehicle that I saw a few days ago on the internet.

Example Videos:

Basically, it uses the interplay between the sphere and the ground to determine how the vehicle will behave.
I believe I have progressed in this direction, but I am having a problem related to the display of the movement that the object performs. Look below.

My Version

I wonder how I could fix this mess with the move.

I will leave a copy of the place I am using to develop this project.

This is my first post on the forum and English is’nt my first language(far from this lol), so if I do something wrong, sorry.

Place: NewCarProject.rbxl (27.0 KB)

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So the camera isnt actually jittering (I think) but it is because of the tiles on the floor. Try making it a one color.


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Or not, you are right, sorry I cant help you with that

Instead of tweening the camera’s CFrame, just set it

	camera.CFrame = workspace.CameraBenchmark.CFrame;

reup.rbxl (27.2 KB)

It’s still a little buggy, but it’s already much better. Thank you for your help!