Point System Problem

Hello! I am a Roblox developer still learning how to script. I want to make a working point system from scratch. However, every time I buy something and then gather another point, I get the original points I had before I bought something plus the points I just gathered. I could not think of anything that I could do to fix it. Keep in mind, I have not used any tutorial or anything. I made this script up in my head. Look at the included script and video for more info. I

Roblox Studio 8_2_2022 11_11_13 AM

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since you are altering the leaderstats via the client, it doesn’t update for the server. you need to find a way to update the stats from the server side.

Do you know a way I can do that?

i suggest you send a remote event from the client when you click the button.

Does it matter what type of script it is? And do I put the script in the remote event? I am not farmiliar with remote events.

i recommend you take a glance at this web page to learn more about remote events and how they work.

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