[Poll] Ability to edit the offset of accessories?


This feature is requested in hopes of making that almost-perfect hat accessory combo work.

A feature like this would allow users to customize the offset of the attachment found within their accessory to some bounds so that they might alter the way certain hats are placed.

I could personally use this feature. For effect, it’d fix things like this:

Pros to something like this:

  • General avatar diversity increase.
  • Potential reasons for users to want to buy accessories / ROBUX. They see a combo they like and want to use it themselves.
  • More combos for accessories.

Cons to something like this:

  • Implementation would be insane on the web-side. All of the hats would have to be gone through again to add some value to specify positional/rotational limits
  • Some combos might not work with others, even with a generous translation.
  • An alternative method might be to judge limits by mesh bounds of other accessories of the same type, which would make it both automatic and specific to each accessory.
  • Usage would probably appeal more to appearances that are absolutely crazy / used for trolling.

So let me know: Would you use this? Text replies encouraged.

  • I would definitely see myself and others using this.
  • I do not see myself using it, but I do see potential for usage.
  • I do not see myself using it, and I see little potential for usage.
  • I do not see the need for a feature like this.

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Heck yeah. We could make so much more use of what we already have and make things so much more personal.


Warframe does this with holster positions and it’s really cool


Related: http://devforum.roblox.com/t/viability-of-accessory-offsets/31175?u=dragonfrosting


While we’re at it, can we remove the limit on having 1 hair and just do a ‘max accessories limit’ I’ve never been so frustrated in my life I still can’t get my classic look back. Another thread by CloneTrooper1019 on the matter which is better.


psst… If you’re a beta tester, this is already a thing :smiley:

Under Clothing > Accessories > any type > bottom right- Advanced:

Unrestricted by accessory type, only a max of 10 accessories.

This avatar page update has made me very happy so far.


Just messed around with this for 20 minutes, this is really cool.


My look is back, It’s fixed.



Apparently I’m not a beta tester, because I don’t see “any type?”


any type meaning it doesn’t matter which accessory type you click on, there’s an advanced button under all of them.


Finally found it, though it’s oddly placed underneath the “recommended” list. Here’s a pic to show what I mean, you can see it in the lower right corner of the pic


Slightly annoying that it has to be done by ID but I can live with it and I can see how it’s easier to implement that way. Also, extremely happy that it’s infinite scroll (if that’s the right term) instead of pages which mades it a ton easier to quickly look through all my hats :smiley:


Oh now I see what this means. I thought you were replying RE: OP but instead it was to override the type limits. Still a good thing to know.


Where is the “I would use this but think it would be too much work to be worked on right now”?

If this turns out to not be a big feature to implement, heck yes I support it! But if not, I think other features could be better. I’d love to see an official response though :slight_smile:


It’d be cool if we could also edit scale and rotation.


Yeah, I was hoping for that too - Full CFrame control rather than just position.


Now I really need this ability :frowning:


A late bump.

This got a good level of support but kind of died off.

To what I know there’s no major changes planned, but the web team just got done with a huge update so I dunno if any time within the next couple of months would be very good.


This feature request is exactly what I was going to propose. Offsetting hats could make for a virtually infinitely large amount of possible combos at a small overhead cost to the current attachment system. With so much support already, it really would be a shame to let the topic die out. (and I’ve always wanted to be a panda with a sorcus fedora :relieved:)