[POLL] Need help on my game organization!

Hello fellow developers!!

I am currently deciding on the organization of my game. I have all of the lore, storyline, and Easter eggs figured out already. The thing is, I do not know where to start.
A little bit of backstory on my type of game is that it is sci-fi, revolving around a mission on a distant planet. Those on this planet have specific orders on the colonization and exploration of this new planet. It’s planet has many different life forms. I do not want to spoil more information on the game I am making.

My question for you guys is… What should I focus my game on more?

Option 1: A story game. There are missions and each one is connected to each other. This means that gameplay is primarily focused on completing tasks and cutscenes. It will be multiplayer and you would have to work with your fellow teammates to uncover the secrets revolving around the planet.

Option 2: Roblox group based open world game. The game would instead have a map based on specific faction locations (factions=groups). This means that if you join the group, you would have a character/morph/rank in-game that is connected to the game. Think of it similar to those SCP groups (but my game/group would be very original). Gameplay would feature exploring the vast planet and interacting with others/npcs.

Option 3: Game is not roblox group related. Instead, there are teams obtainable by getting XP. It is open world and will be focused mainly on exploration. The teams would still be similar to those in option 2, along with the majority of gameplay. The only difference is that there is no faction based roblox group.

A poll is provided bellow!!

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
  • Option 3
  • Another idea (comment below!)

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