Pomeló Studio | Introduction

Welcome to Pomeló Studio, this is a new group created on the ROBLOX platform, and we’re always looking for new members to become apart of our community!

This group is basically a group that creates police emergency vehicles on ROBLOX for the ROBLOX community to either purchase them or obtain them for free! We’re always looking for new customers to become apart of our group and maybe, just maybe, purchase our vehicles if you’d like to!

But that is not all, we’re hoping to create a game for everyone to enjoy on the platform, sadly we do not have any developers at the moment, nor do we have the funds to hire any developers sadly! But we’re hoping to hire developers in the future to assist us.

We’re always looking for those who would like to support us so that we can afford to pay developers, etc! With that being said, if anyone is interested in supporting the community for the greater good? Please do contact me, you can find everything on the ROBLOX Group that will be linked below!

Group Link ➾ Pomeló Studio - Roblox

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