Hello their! This is Popcorn Studio we are looking for a SCRIPTER to join our team and make SCRIPTS for our simulator!

DETAILS – We need the simulator scripted.

  • Details in the group development discord when you accept the job.


  • We have had 2 scripters that have not been doing well, and are inactive, and don’t do what is told, so we need someone that will get it done.
  • To start when we tell you what to do.
  • Dedication wants to get the job done.
  • Be funny, But not crude
  • Have fun & Enjoy our developing team!


The team is working on this to bring a new exclusive game to the community of roblox! This is for enjoyment and having fun making a game! So you will be guaranteed a % but their is really no backup payment unless i decide otherwise [If i have enough] :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

DISCORD : GrinchDeveloper#6312
Developer Forum Comments!

We have our best UI DESIGNER, Builder, investor, And Manager! All we need is you! :slight_smile:


Are you still looking for a scripter? Cause if so, I may help. Will be in contact soon
– kingerman88

Indeed we are, our scripter is not doing what has been told and he’s very slow.

Alright, add me on discord kingerman88#4735, unfortunately I will not be able to talk much more today, but we can talk about the game tomorrow :slight_smile:

I recommend fixing this. Considering the thousands of failed games out there, a percentage can mean nothing for a developer.

Furthermore, there is almost zero actual information about the project. You simply claim to reveal information after we accept. At least give us your expectation for skill and experience.

Alright, Coming from this as stated

“This is really for enjoyment” it’s really not for the pay lol. It’s just to bring fun and joy.

2 - We have a discord with everything that needs to be done, and that will be done in discord thank you very much for the info! :slight_smile:

Contacted you on discord. :slight_smile:

About me

Hello! I’m ‘AllGoodNamesRGone243’ and I’m a developer more experienced on Unreal Engine. I know at least 6 programming languages [HTML, CSS, JS, JSON, C++ and Lua]! I’ve already 8 months like a Roblox Developer and if isn’t enough experience, decline my offer.

If you’re interested please contact me! I’m applying to the Lead Programmer or only Programmer

I’m just 14 years old, but believe me! I starting learning programming langauges at 11 years old! Contact me by any way or via that’s below.

Contact via

Roblox : ‘AllGoodNamesRGone243’
DevForum : @AllGoodNamesRGone243
Discord [Highly Recommended] : allgood#7032
Twitter [I don’t use it really much] : https://twitter.com/ademir_barajas

Sent. :slight_smile:

[30 charssss]

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