Popmall – Free Catalog & Avatar Editor

them avatar shop games bout to have a field day lol big W tho

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We released V2! We added new features for browsing and avatar editing: search, saved outfits, body customization, and undo/redo.

The original post has been updated to reflect the update and has more info:


We just released V3! Here’s what’s new:

  • Optimized for Mobile. We refreshed the interface to be easier to use on mobile devices
  • Inventory. Players can see their inventory and update their Roblox avatar using Avatar Editor Service
  • Bundles. Players can now try on bundles and see items within a bundle

Using the catalog in almost all my games, you can easily integrate the catalog in your game and use your creativity on how players can use the catalog.

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Been using this for a couple of months now and its amazing, I’ve seen my sales boosting up by a lot.

Simple and Easy to install and on top of that an amazing Team behind it. :heart_eyes:

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Classic Shirts and Classic Bottoms categories have been added!

This looks very promising! Is the UI on this customizable?

No, not yet. What would you want to customize?

I use catalog in almost all my games, really useful. I recommend it :+1:


Do we have to register the game on the site? Where can we use Super Biz Catalog without registering the game on the dev portal site?

It’s required to sign up to use the catalog

I just don’t understand why we have to submit games into the website to use this.

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How can I do it without the analytics?

Sorry I made a mistake, you need to sign up your game because we need to manage access to our catalog API.

Signing up is very simple though!

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We just added some new fun categories! They’re all dynamically loaded so no update required!

Pets, Glasses, Scarfs, Masks, Tails, Hoodies…

Faceless, Headphones, Flower, Fire, Ice, Duck, Dragon…

And more! What category would you like us to add?

When I type items in, I cannot find them because it shows me the title I typed in for every type of avatar shop item. I just want to search under a certain accessory. Also it is hard to find certain items in my own inventory in the game because it is not organized or has a search bar. Other than that, it’s really nice!


Yea, search currently searches all items.
We’re looking into adding search in categories!

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Save does not work. When I press the save button and exit the avatar editor, the items I added to my avatar do not appear in the game… Normally, this feature is available in the demo game you made…