Popsiz Version 3: 8/7/22 Update Log

New Features

:moneybag: Barista Tips: Ever wanted to play Popsiz yet make some profits at the same time, this is the update for you! Introducing all-new barista tips, we automatically set them up for you all you need to do is make sure you have a gamepass or t-shirt for sale with “Donate” or “Donation” in the name, you must also have this in your inventory. The guests you serve or assist can tip you by interacting with the tip jars at the ordering counter, we’re working to implement more interactive systems like this and in the future, you may even earn worker points!

Updated Shop UI: The in-game shop UI has been updated! Enjoy the new slick design, with matching animations; we’ve also merged particles into the same menu! You can now see which ones you’ve already purchased so you don’t waste your time trying to buy it again!

+2 on Premium Paychecks: Popsiz Premium Members now will receive 2 more Popsiz Bucks onto their paychecks, this does add to paychecks with multipliers!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed unlimited flights game-pass.
  • Added auto AFK for when you tab out of the ROBLOX client.
  • Fixed not being able to play color-match once you’ve failed it. You can still only win once per server to avoid API spam.
  • Added railings to the stairs
  • Made borders thicker, and added border under the volcano.
  • Fixed respawn mechanics if you don’t have a plane ticket
  • Fixed volcano not taking damage from you, and not receiving money in money eruptions.

We understand this is a smaller update, but we would like to hear your thoughts about it. Please report any bugs as well in our communication server in the assigned channel. Check out this new update in-game. We thank our testers for these suggestions, become a tester in our communications server linked on our group!

UsedSpxse, Chairman
Popsiz Leadership and Development